Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creating an avatar

I forgot to create an avatar when I create the blog. This took a bit of time, as I had to create a Yahoo account. Good thing it is relatively quiet tonight at the library so I could take time out to do this part of the first "stick." I hope I don't forget my passwords--that seems to be a big challenge to avoid using the same ones for everything.

23 Things on a Stick for Librarians

The entire staff here at MLCL is encouraged to complete this "23 Things on a Stick" project. I admit I have put off learning about many of these web-based tools; time limitations are a big concern when you're a part-time employee. When I read the instruction saying most of the 23 things would take only about an hour, I thought, sure--"only" an hour?
This first thing took less than an hour, but although it was simple enough to do, I still don't know much about blogging. I had no idea what to name the blog! Who is going to look at it anyway? I guess I'll have to do some more exploration of the topic. I bet I can find a library book on the subject!